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Unlimited Hitters: hitters who meet the following criteria are free from the usage rule and there are no limits on the number of PAs they can accrue during a season.

a. They must have 50 or more MLB PAs
b. Their balance rating must be 2L, 1L, E, 1R or 2R
c. Their OPS must be .550 or less.

Unlimited Players for 1985:

Chris Bando
Bruce Benedict
Butch Benton
Dave Bergman
Buddy Biancolana
Dann Billardello
Marty Castillo
Kevin Chapman
Onix Concepcion
Miguel Dilone
Brian Giles
Jackie Guittierrez
Albert Hall
Marc Hill
Steve Jeltz
Lynn Jones
Steve Keifer
Steve Lake
Johnnie LeMaster
Doug Loman
John Moses
Al Pardo
Carlos Ponce
Greg Pryor
Harold Reynolds
Razor Shines
Harry Spilman
Rob Wilfong
George Wright
Steve Yeager